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Author Louise McKinney

Louise McKinney


About Louise McKinney

Louise McKinney is a Canadian author, journalist, educator, and speaker whose writing has appeared in a wide range of journals both in Canada and the U.S.

She apprenticed in the newsrooms of Maclean’s magazine and Toronto Life before travelling 30 years throughout the American South, drawn particularly to the culture and cultures of magical New Orleans.

Her book Cities of the Imagination: New Orleans (New Orleans: A Cultural History, USA) was one of the few published immediately following Hurricane Katrina, and voted Top 10 Best of the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival by The Times-Picayune. In addition to creative nonfiction, McKinney also writes fiction, poetry and children’s literature.


Writing that traverses inner and outer landscapes. . .
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Louise McKinney's enlivening celebration of the 'amphibious city' lays stress on its perennial cosmopolitanism. She explores how the multicultural 'creolized energy' of the town's myths, mysteries and fantasies spawned unique 'expressive urban folk art' such as jazz.

The Guardian

[She] summons up such a well-seen, well-felt image. . . .

Canadian author Tim Wynne-Jones

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